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July 1999 - Zhongshan Guzhen Dongdi lighting factory established
August 1999 -  "The great wall certification” approved
October 2000 -  "The national product quality inspection qualified enterprise” approved
July 2001 - "DISCO” LOGO registered
August 2001 - "CCC” approved
2002-2008 - Participate in the China International lighting fair in GUZHEN
August 2004 - Moved factory to Henglan town, Zhongshan, registered “GOSO” brand and formally enter the field of commercial lighting. In the same year, cooperated with Germany GOSO lighting, established marketing department and production base in China, and was committed to the creation of Chinese modern commercial lighting first brand.
May 2005 - GOSO website has been in smooth operation; the network marketing system has been formally established.
September 2005 - Become “the Inner Mongolia province project's preferred brand”
October 2005 - Gained several honors such as “Consumer trusted products” and so on.
2006-2013 - Participate in Hong Kong professional LED lighting Fair.
January 2006 - Gained several honors such as “China famous products” and so on.
March 2007 - Move factory to lighting capital—GUZHEN down, Zhongshan.
December 2008 - "CE” approved
2008-2013 - Participate in professional Guangzhou Lighting Fair and Guangzhou International Building Decoration Fair.
March 2008 - Hardware accessories store opened, specializing in down light and ceiling light accessories.
February 2009 - Entering the LED market
2009-2013 - Use marketing platform from Global Market and Alibaba.
January 2010 - Cooperated with Taiwan Epiled for the famous LED chip Brand
2011 - Gained several honors such as “Ten best LED brand” and so on.
May 2011 - "CE-LVD” “CE-EMC” approved
June 2012 - GOSO led showroom begin opening business.
2012 - "CE, SAA, RoHS” approved
December 2012 - LED large scene showroom in factory begins to show for all customers.


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